Ranging in size and shaped as nature would, ponds and water gardens can be installed individually or separately and connected with a stream. Water gardens are generally smaller water features surrounded by plants and rocks and start at 4 by 6 feet. Ponds can be larger. These ecosystems are blended with the surrounding environment, creating a natural ecosystem that attracts birds, frogs, toads and other local wildlife. We can include koi or goldfish in your pond or water garden for additional pleasure and interest.

What’s Included in Your Pond or Water Garden

Your Aquascape pond or water garden includes mechanical and biological filtration, pump and plumbing, rock work and a liner. Optional additions to these water features include underwater lighting and automatic fill valve.

Pond and Water Garden Maintenance

As an ecosystem, ponds and water gardens are fairly self-sustaining; they require no chemicals or test kits. Once your water feature is established, the maintenance time required of a pond or water garden is less than would be required of a like-sized lawn or garden. 


The only requirement for a new pond is an electrical source. Fencing is generally not required as most ponds and water gardens to not exceed two feet in depth.

Pond & Planting Design

Most designs are created by Keith Gambino, owner of AFM Aquascape. If you would like to use your own landscape architect, AFM Aquascape will execute his or her design as well. Plants and wildflowers are placed in the water garden as well as along the edge.

Fish for your Pond

AAFM Aquascape can stock your pond with various species of fish. Koi, Shubumkin, Sarasis and goldfish go into hibernation during the winter. Even when your pond or water garden is frozen over, the fish are safe in one of the created two-foot-deep pockets.


The cost of a “standard” 180-square-foot (11 by 16 feet) pond, installed by AFM Aquascape is similarly priced to a hot tub.