Streams and waterfalls can be created on their own, following the natural or enhanced contours of your property, or incorporated as part of your pond or water garden. What's included and the requirements are similar to a pond or watergarden. Other considerations:

Noise Level

Do you want your stream to gently babble, resemble the sound of rain or solidly splash as it meanders through your yard? These are a few of the considerations we'll discuss before designing your AFM Aquascape waterfall, stream and water garden.

Waterfall Height and Flow

What is your desired visual effect? A waterfall and stream can be a series of cascades, a dramatic flow or drop, or a gentle trickle. AFM Aquascape can create any number of dramatic or subtle effects near or leading to your pond or water garden, stand alone or flowing into your pool or hot tub.


AFM Aquascape can install lighting that extends the pleasure of your water garden, waterfall, stream or pond from day into night, adding subtlety or drama.

Waterfalls as a Swimming Pool or Hot Tub Water Feature

We can create a simple or dramatic effect for your swimming pool by designing and building a waterfall worked into your pool landscape.

AFM Aquascape Waterfall Construction